Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Most Impressive & The Most Unimpressive Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing tend to more popular among people, institutions and businesses. Most of businesses are using cloud computing to implement their business because they can share computing resources and reduce cost of local servers and employ admin.

The most impressive cloud computing service is Google Drive. I think everyone have been used Google Drive certainly. I have used Google Drive during studying until working. It make me safety when I had a presentation because I may forgot USB, it can't work, or file failed. It provide main program like Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slide, and Google Form and It provide extensions like ERPAG, PIXLR Editor, DocuSign, and etc

In working's perspective, I think it work for implementing with team worker because we can share to other worker in order to edit or update at the real time with the same file but in different accounts, no need to send to other by email and save after changing and resend again. Moreover, I like Google Form function because we can create questionnaire easily and it provide result in form of charts of summary responses, no need to ask customers' opinions at outside and count and summarize the result by yourself.

For me, there is no unimpressive cloud computing service. I think every cloud computing provider also have different pros and cons. It depend on what pros which you like and which cons you are acceptable.

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  1. we have the same impressive clouding services. Google drive is the best!