Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Routine Life Cycle

My routine is almost same every week.

Monday & Wednesday: I watch Korean series before go to study at the evening class. I go to university at Huamak campus by BTS and boat from Pratu Nam station along Sansab canal. I arrive home around 22.00-22.30, it so tired. Next, my part-time job is sell Korean skincare and cosmetic by shopping online shop on and shopee app which shop's name is Miracle Beauty4u. I will check order and pack customer's parcel for send on next day.

Tueday Thursday: I working for ServisHero company in finance associate position from 9.00-18.00. When I finish my duty before time out, I will help business development team or operation team in order to get more experiences. Next, I watch Korean series, check order and pack customer's parcel for send on next day.

Friday: I have STM class at the morning. I go to university at Suvarnabhumi campus by van at SriPraya. After finished class, I have to back home immediately. If I miss the van at 12.00, the next round around 2-3 a.m. because less students on Friday. It so sad and waste a lot of time for waiting.
Normally, my parcel from Korea will arrive today. I check products and pack it to send on next day.

only a day of week that I feel as rest and relax. I can sleep longer and watch Korean series the whole day. I also clear all my homework today and update new products to my shop.

Every Sunday, I go to temple with my family. Wat Thamai, we often go because it near just a hour from my house and I feel luck after back from this temple. During back home, I visit Secoon Bangkae in order to send parcel.

If my goods are out of stock or pre-order from customers, I will order from supplier for fulfillment which ship by plane to Thailand by Rincos company. I also update new product line of Korean skincare and cosmetic.

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