Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Unusual Working Habit

When I have a lot of homework, I always do homework at night but I feel sleepy. So, I create 3 options to manage my working time and sleeping time :
  1. work at the evening and sleep later
  2. take a long nap for 4 hours and working at night 
  3. sleep around 17.00 and wake up at 4.00 in order to work
Option 1:
I can't do that because I'm too tired to work and yesterday I sleep too late.

Option 2:
I always worry that I will take long sleep until next morning. So, I can't sleep even if I feel sleepy. I used to try it. I lay down more than an hour but I sleepless, so it waste of time

Option 3:
The reason is similar to option 2. I worry that I can't wake up at 4.00 and take more times and I also worry that I can't finish homework on time because I always spend a lot of time to do some homework like ISAD, graphic design, and programming

Someone may think why I wasn't drink coffee; I can't drink because I don't like it smell.

Last semester is hard for me to study 21 credits with BIS Senior Project, Principle of Multimedia, STM, and Entrepreneurship. I switched all options, I was busy until I no have time to join with friends, watching movie or even have dinner.