Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Unusual Working Habit

When I have a lot of homework, I always do homework at night but I feel sleepy. So, I create 3 options to manage my working time and sleeping time :
  1. work at the evening and sleep later
  2. take a long nap for 4 hours and working at night 
  3. sleep around 17.00 and wake up at 4.00 in order to work
Option 1:
I can't do that because I'm too tired to work and yesterday I sleep too late.

Option 2:
I always worry that I will take long sleep until next morning. So, I can't sleep even if I feel sleepy. I used to try it. I lay down more than an hour but I sleepless, so it waste of time

Option 3:
The reason is similar to option 2. I worry that I can't wake up at 4.00 and take more times and I also worry that I can't finish homework on time because I always spend a lot of time to do some homework like ISAD, graphic design, and programming

Someone may think why I wasn't drink coffee; I can't drink because I don't like it smell.

Last semester is hard for me to study 21 credits with BIS Senior Project, Principle of Multimedia, STM, and Entrepreneurship. I switched all options, I was busy until I no have time to join with friends, watching movie or even have dinner.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Routine Life Cycle

My routine is almost same every week.

Monday & Wednesday: I watch Korean series before go to study at the evening class. I go to university at Huamak campus by BTS and boat from Pratu Nam station along Sansab canal. I arrive home around 22.00-22.30, it so tired. Next, my part-time job is sell Korean skincare and cosmetic by shopping online shop on and shopee app which shop's name is Miracle Beauty4u. I will check order and pack customer's parcel for send on next day.

Tueday Thursday: I working for ServisHero company in finance associate position from 9.00-18.00. When I finish my duty before time out, I will help business development team or operation team in order to get more experiences. Next, I watch Korean series, check order and pack customer's parcel for send on next day.

Friday: I have STM class at the morning. I go to university at Suvarnabhumi campus by van at SriPraya. After finished class, I have to back home immediately. If I miss the van at 12.00, the next round around 2-3 a.m. because less students on Friday. It so sad and waste a lot of time for waiting.
Normally, my parcel from Korea will arrive today. I check products and pack it to send on next day.

only a day of week that I feel as rest and relax. I can sleep longer and watch Korean series the whole day. I also clear all my homework today and update new products to my shop.

Every Sunday, I go to temple with my family. Wat Thamai, we often go because it near just a hour from my house and I feel luck after back from this temple. During back home, I visit Secoon Bangkae in order to send parcel.

If my goods are out of stock or pre-order from customers, I will order from supplier for fulfillment which ship by plane to Thailand by Rincos company. I also update new product line of Korean skincare and cosmetic.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Most Impressive & The Most Unimpressive Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing tend to more popular among people, institutions and businesses. Most of businesses are using cloud computing to implement their business because they can share computing resources and reduce cost of local servers and employ admin.

The most impressive cloud computing service is Google Drive. I think everyone have been used Google Drive certainly. I have used Google Drive during studying until working. It make me safety when I had a presentation because I may forgot USB, it can't work, or file failed. It provide main program like Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slide, and Google Form and It provide extensions like ERPAG, PIXLR Editor, DocuSign, and etc

In working's perspective, I think it work for implementing with team worker because we can share to other worker in order to edit or update at the real time with the same file but in different accounts, no need to send to other by email and save after changing and resend again. Moreover, I like Google Form function because we can create questionnaire easily and it provide result in form of charts of summary responses, no need to ask customers' opinions at outside and count and summarize the result by yourself.

For me, there is no unimpressive cloud computing service. I think every cloud computing provider also have different pros and cons. It depend on what pros which you like and which cons you are acceptable.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mother Day and IT

My family always not going out provincial during festival because we are bored with traffic jam and I and mom will faint when there are many crowd of people.
This Mother Day, my mother planned to renovate house. Mother though that every department stores had to offer discount certainly. Then, we searched e-catalog and discount of shopping malls on website which are related to home construction, including HomePro, BoonThavorn, Mega Home, and Thai Watsadu. 

We decided to go to Mega Home and BoonThavorn to buy materials. They also provide 3D design application which is virtual and no need to imagine in head. It help us more convenient to renovate house, save time and save money!!!

We can also buy via online or mobile application but we can't touch and we wanted to see real products.